Keep a love ones voice and stories alive forever!

record them

Carl is joining the team at Record Them to turn people’s life stories in to documentaries.

The project, which Carl will do alongside his radio work, see’s him travel to people’s homes, record them sharing their own memories and tales, before editing with music, sound effects, archive audio and even clips from their home recordings into a 60 minute documentary.

Carl says “you very quickly forget what a love one sounds like and that can be one of the most upsetting parts of the grieving process. However, with one of these documentaries it will allow a loves ones voice and their stories to live on forever.

“Two years ago I worked on a personal project for a friend of mine who had terminal cancer. I’ve seen just how much being able to hear Chris’s voice after he’s gone, hearing him tell his stories, means to his family. So when I saw the opportunity to be part of this I just had to be”.

Record Them was set up by former BBC producer Dave Creasey and has already captured the stories of a woman born on the day women got the vote, a guy who flew a spitfire during World War 2 and another who was an ex-government minister.

You can find out more by visiting the RECORD THEM website.

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