Song For Brave Morecambe Teenager

Reece Holt is a 12yr old boy from Morecambe who is fighting a Malignant Anaplastic Astrocytoma brain tumour.

On the 5th May 2016 Reece collapsed at his home without warning, he was rushed to the local A&E where an urgent CT scan showed a bleed on his brain, by which time he was no longer able to breathe for himself and was intubated and was transferred to Alder Hey intensive care a few hours later on full life support. The pressure from the bleed became critical and Reece was taken into emergency surgery where it was discovered he had an Anaplastic Astrocytoma, an extremely rare malignant tumour that affects only about 10 children a year.

They removed part of the tumour and stemmed the bleed. A few days later he was allowed home, but on the the second day back Reece collapsed again and had to be flown back by air ambulance to Alder Hey Hospital where he was placed on the High Dependency ward before going under more surgery to remove the rest of the tumour and to place chemo wafers directly into the cavity in his brain.

Reece has overcome the paralysis in his left leg but he has still got some paralysis in his left arm, hand and face but refuses to let this stop him and after six weeks was discharged and began radiotherapy and a second chemo course on the 15th June at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre for a further six weeks.

In August Reece began a longer journey and began the first of 12 chemotherapy cycles which he will undergo once a month for the next year. They also discovered in September, after Reece collapsed and had to be transferred again to Alder Hey that he suffers from seizures as a result of the trauma to his brain, not to be deterred by any of this Reece has still done some truly amazing things.

Reece has raised over £9500 for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and £750 for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to return some of the support, care and help they have given him so far on his journey.

Not happy with just raising money for Alder Hey and Clatterbridge Reece has decided he wants to go one step further and Team Reece has gone from a non profit to a registered charity because Reece wants to raise money to buy a static caravan for other children with cancer and their families to use to have some special family time, and longer term to fund research and clinical trials into better treatment options for children’s cancers.

Reece, his Mum and two of the artists behind the track joined Carl on BBC Radio Lancashire.

Hear Part 1 of the interview …

Hear Part 2 of the interview …

Hear the track hear and you can buy it online here

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