Norwich City Go Pink To Get Competitive Edge

In a bid to get an ‘edge’ in the competitive world of professional football, Norwich City have painted the away dressing room at Carrow Road a “deep pink“.

It’s said the colour lowers testosterone levels and has a calming effect on people.

The club has declined to comment although supporters were told about the move at a fans’ forum on Thursday.

“Pink has an effect, not because it is pink, but because it’s linked to childhood experiences,” said Dr Alexander Latinjak, a lecturer in sport psychology at the University of Suffolk.

“If it is true that pink lowers testosterone levels then the coach should know exactly how to use that advantage tactically.”

Ahead of Preston North End’s Championship game with the East Anglia club Carl spoke to Hypno -Psychotherapist Sue Washington from the Lancashire city to get her thoughts.

Find out more about Sue here.

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