Victim Of Peadophile Football Coach Barry Bennell Believes Abuse Is Still Happening In Youth Football

David Lean for web with Bennell

David Lean was abused by former football coach Barry Bennell when he was 12 and was one of the first to go to police having kept it a secret for three decades.

He’s now calling on parents to open their eyes to the signs of grooming

The former Preston North End youth player was just 12 when he was sexually abused by Bennell and lived with the torture and torment for over 30 years

David said “I am a lot more comfortable with the professional game, the academy and the things that have been put in place but grass roots football is still a massive area where this could be taking place.

“It is just about opening their [parents] eyes and making people think is there an inappropriate relationship, is somebody spending too much time with a person and what are the reasons for that?

David Lean for web.jpg

David is now running a series of talks for parents and those working with young people to help them identify the signs of abuse.

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